Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Upgrade Your Groove

Give your song the groove it deserves with boutique samples & loops from Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas.


1. SF'78 P-BASS $35.00 (email to place order)
Be inspired and get out of a musical rut! This bass sample library will do it because it contains a unique sound, unlike any other bass library out there. It will move you to create and write music in fresh ways. Just throw in one of the 190 loops into your preferred DAW, be inspired, and start creating. These loops have that signature sound (found in many Mutemath songs) that took years to develop and now they at your fingertips!

In this pack, you get 141 loops (from 65-205bpm, both the clean direct line and an amp line), one-shots of every single note on the bass played legato and staccato in order to build your own sample instruments, and an extra 49 loops of fully effected, true INSPIRATO!

Download Specs
  • 141 Clean Loops (65-205 BPM, full chromatic scale)
  • 49 FX'd Loops
  • 100+ One-Shots
  • WAV & REX files
  • Over 728 MB of Samples and Loops!
Consistent Precision
Recorded exclusively with the 1978 Fender Precision Bass that has accompanied Roy on tour around the world, and in Grammy-nomiated studio recordings, with flatwound strings and a variety of amps and pedals.

Recording Specs
  • 1978 Fender Precision Bass
  • Ernie Ball flatwound strings
  • API 512c pre-amp
  • BONUS: Amp Tone Files (WAV & REX2 as well and perfectly in phase with the clean files)

2. SF'50 K-UPRIGHT $40 (email to place order)
After being destroyed in the 2010 Nashville flood, I thought I'd never play my 1952 Kay Upright bass again. It was a mess: busted at the seams; warped and bowed in all the wrong places; covered in mold inside and out; electronics ruined; etc. But finally, in 2014, it was completely restored and so was my faith. I started woodshedding again and found a new inspiration in this bass and its now Cumberland funk riddled self. Welcome to a rebirth: SF'50 K-UPRIGHT.

Specs & Techs:
140 unique loops ranging from 65-205 bpm, including clean and amp lines.
Additional 49 loops of more experimental FX'd loops.
68 one-shot samples of single bass notes (clean & amp lines), including a pre-made EXS24 instrument.

(email to place order)

The palm mute style of guitar has always intrigued me. From the age of 7, I started using the technique on guitar to play rock/metal riffs, but it was really using the technique on bass later as a teenager that I learned how to groove with it (aka, my humble attempt trying to emulate Carol Kaye and James Jamerson).

So, when the time came for me to contribute more guitar playing to MUTEMATH on our third album ODD SOUL, I wanted to do something unique for the band's guitar sound and put my own spin on this technique on guitar. This palm mute style naturally fit. My bass playing not only influenced this sound but I was also listening to lots of Afrobeat, Highlife, and Bachata music.

Now, this style lends itself to certain types of guitars. During recording ODD SOUL, I used a 70s Tele Deluxe mostly for this sound, but on one occasion, I had the chance to use a Silvertone 1448 as well. When I heard that guitar, I knew I had to get my own 1448. Finally, when I bought my own vintage Silvertone 1448 guitar (the famous amp-in-case model), it needed some work but this guitar I purchased in particular had a extremely plucky and poppy tone that made the style sing a bit more.

On MUTEMATH's fourth album VITALS, the 1448 and later model the 1457 (which Darren owned) were almost exclusively used for this palm mute vibe.

The SF'1448 PALM MUTE GUITARS library is all about getting these stylistic grooves into your hands to create and produce your own music with. I used two amps on this library: a ROLAND JC-40 and a VOX AC-30. And, I used a large assortment of pedals and echoes. But overall, this vibe is a clean, plucky tone with reverb. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by it. Happy music making!

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Upgrade Your Groove

Give your song the groove it deserves with boutique samples & loops from Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas. 3 PRODUCTS AVAILABLE: 1. SF'78 ...